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Van Nuys, CA

(San Fernando Valley)

DMV Dealer Class

818-357-5319 Office

661-313-0867 Cell


Class Fee​: $150.00 Materials & Certificate Included


Your first step to open a dealer is to take the class; the class will guide you through the fourteen basic  steps to open your  car dealer or wholesale business.

1. Dealer Class (Pre-Licensing Education)

2. Take and Pass the DMV Test

3. DMV Licensing Paperwork

4. Background Check (Livescans)

5. City Business License

6. Fictitious Business Name/ Corporation/ LLC

7. Dealer Bond ($10k  or $50K)

8. Lease on Business Location

9. Resale Permit (State Board)

10. Bank Account under Dealer Name

11. Required Dealer Signs 

12. Pictures (360 degrees)

13.Submit the DMV package

14. Wait for DMV appoitment  and get the license.


DMV Dealer Education Provider

Triumph Group Educational Services

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